Hapinoy BizMo

Empowering microentrepreneurs Through Mobile Technology

We, at Hapinoy, see the power of mobile technology to positively impact the lives of millions of Filipinos. Using this game-changing innovation, we believe we can continuously empower microentrepreneurs and the communities that they serve.

With the connectivity that mobile technology brings, high-impact goods and services can now be made available in most, if not all, of the communities through the country’s largest last-mile distribution channel – the sari-sari stores.

More than ever, financial and digital inclusion is becoming a reality for Filipinos. And it is now possible through sari-sari stores with Hapinoy BizMo.


Get access to mobile-based services through BizMo App.


Earn more and grow your store by offering new services.


Be part of Samahang Hapinoy and enjoy its benefits.


bizmo app: Your Business on Mobile

BizMo App is a mobile-based business developed to help sari-sari store owners level up their stores through mobile technology. This application enables sari-sari stores to offer mobile-based services such as online shopping (HapiShop) and microinsurance.


BizMo Services


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