Creating Network of Hapinoy BizMo Agents


In light of promoting mobile technology to sari-sari stores, Hapinoy has been developing Hapinoy BizMo, a mobile-based microfranchise that enables sari-sari stores to offer different services using mobile smartphone. Since its launched, Hapinoy BizMo is now available to several stores in Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Quezon, Samar and Leyte.

In the recently concluded Hapinoy BizMo Training Summit, Hapinoy BizMo Agents in Luzon were gathered to learn more about Hapinoy BizMo and foster relationship with other agents. Each agent is grouped with others near their area to form business cells.


Introducing the agents to each other and encouraging them to share their BizMo stories resulted to positive response. They got to learn new techniques and strategies on selling and doing BizMo. Those who do not perform well in BizMo were encouraged to persistently work on maximizing this opportunity to expand and grow their income through mobile technology.

Hapinoy believes in the power of growing together – helping each other attain the goal of leveling up in business and developing their personal capabilities.  Starting small with its partner sari-sari stores, it envisions a network of empowered and sustainable sari-sari stores, providing high value goods and services to the community they serve.