Creating a Hapinoy Network of sari-sari stores


Running a sari-sari store seems easy; however, it has its own set of risks and challenges familiar to any business owner. Those who operate these retail stores may or may not have the professional training on business management, but most of them have the same goal –to generate income and sustain their means of living.

Hapinoy is known to be a partner of sari-sari store owners in improving their businesses. Alongside its commitment to provide the essentials of building a sustainable business, it promotes the creation of a network of micro-entrepreneurs who help and learn from one another.  To create this network, Hapinoy, in partnership with Mastercard, has laid its foundation in the form of business cells.

The Building Block of  the Hapinoy Network

A Business Cell is conceptualized by Hapinoy as part of its intention to organize groups of individuals that share the same experiences and challenges in managing a sari-sari store business. This serves as a peer learning and support group of every Hapinoy Negosyante, where they can share their struggles, impart their learnings and celebrate their joys and successes with. More than that, it is also an opportunity for them to discover new opportunities and/or ventures to grow their business.

The core of every business cell is the relationship founded among its members. Its goals are best achieved if members develop affinity toward each other. Members of a business cell are fondly called Business Friends Forever (BFF) to reflect the warmth and depth of the relationships within one group.


Besides talking about their enterprises, business cells also talk about and cultivate the values and culture of a Hapinoy Negosyante. One way or another, these values may serve as the common field among these micro-entrepreneurs, which aim to ignite their aspirations not just to have a better life for their family, but also to best serve their community.

Hapinoy believes in the potential of sari-sari stores. Thus, creating opportunities for these micro-businesses has been in the forefront of the organization for the past years. Being part of the Hapinoy network may give storeowners an edge as it provides them the support and learning essential to any business owner.

Running a sari-sari store business may start as a very personal and familial venture, but having an extra force that enables micro-entrepreneurs to achieve more is something. As such, being part of a business cell is weaving yourself into a fabric of camaraderie, empowerment, and change.