Hapinoy develops a growth-oriented scorecard for sari-sari store recruitment

Since its inception, Hapinoy has been consistent in giving assistance to sari-sari store owners in different regions of the country. It successfully engaged and partnered with over 11,000 sari-sari stores, assisting them through capacity-building programs, linkage to Microfinance Institutions for additional capital and new business opportunities.

To keep with its goal of building a network of resilient and responsive micro-entrepreneurs, Hapinoy aims to partner with micro-entrepreneurs who are willing to take their business to the next level. It seeks growth-oriented stores and helps them achieve their goal by giving them tools and appropriate interventions that they need.

What is a growth-oriented store?

Hapinoy conducted several rigorous research studies to identify the traits of and characterize growth-oriented stores. Series of quantitative and qualitative data gathering methods such as surveys and in-depth interviews, respectively, were employed to random sampled sari-sari store owners from different areas.

Results surfaced traits that can be associated to growth-oriented stores. These are categorized into basic profile, business stability, and drive for growth. It showed that micro-entrepreneurs who actively seeks opportunity to grow their businesses have been in the business industry for at least 10 years. Their stores are permanent and are strategically located. They, also, are confident that they have the ability to successfully grow their businesses. Though they experience challenges and business losses, growth-oriented stores are able to return to operations and bounce back as quickly as possible. This ability reflects their deep motivation and their ability to envision the future of their stores.

Given these attributes, Hapinoy has conceptualized the picture of growth-oriented micro-entrepreneurs. To be able to engage this segment in Hapinoy’s programs, a scorecard was developed as a tool to aid recruitment of potential partner stores.

The Hapinoy Scorecard

The Hapinoy Scorecard has been a useful recruitment tool as it helps the organization identify qualified micro-entrepreneurs to take part in Hapinoy’s program. It is currently being used to recruit over 1,600 sari-sari store owners in Samar and Leyte, as part of huge project championing growth and resiliency of businesses.

This scorecard consists of questions highlighting relevant information related to the identified traits of growth-oriented stores. These questions are categorized into growth-orientation; mobile technology preparedness; and other subjective inquiries for affirmation, which include basic information such as store operation details, products being sold, mobile phone usage, among others. Answer to each question has a corresponding score. Total score is then evaluated with the criteria set by Hapinoy.

The development of this scorecard was made possible through Hapinoy’s partnerships with Mastercard and Grameen Foundation. Research studies and series of testing and revisions were done, until the output was approved for use.

This scorecard is a great addition to the set of tools Hapinoy has been using in achieving its mission to support growth-oriented stores. It makes work easier, enabling Hapinoy to reach more and more micro-entrepreneurs in the country.