Strengthening Business Cells

The Hapinoy Business Cell works as the support group of every Hapinoy Negosyante. The first leg of its implementation happened in the last quarter of 2017. There Hapinoy saw how setting up a group ignited friendship and partnership among Hapinoy Negosyantes.

The creation of the business cells in Samar was originally planned to be implemented in a per group set up, but due to logistics-related concerns, it was done in a per municipality workshop. In one workshop, several business cells were established. With the modules designed to get to know members within a business cell, there were micro-interactions where they shared their experiences and learnings, which later became the basis of their group identity. More than that, each group was able to present their group’s output to other business cells.

With the success of this implementation, Hapinoy carried its learnings on how to further improve the approach of establishing the business cell and building lasting relationships among its members. With its upcoming project in Pateros, Metro Manila, Hapinoy redesigned its implementation where business cells are encouraged to meet every week outside their training schedule.

During this weekly business cell visit, Hapinoy Negosyantes will be tasked to accomplish training-related activities, and to share their learnings from the previous workshops. With this, it will be a venue for them to learn together while developing connections and friendships.

Hapinoy always believes that we can create change and bring impact if we work together towards a common goal. Through this network of business cells called Samahang Hapinoy, we know that we can and we will.