HapiSkwela Goes Online!


When the family of Tita Beck’s sister-in-law decided to move to another town, their business was also passed down to her. With this, Tita Beck has prepared herself to open and operate the two-decade-old sari-sari store in their town. Tips and advice on opening a sari-sari store had been filling the search bar of her smartphone these days. And upon browsing the web for retail shop-related information, a Facebook Group named “Sari-sari store, Kumikita ka ba?”, got her interest.

What is “Sari-sari Store, Kumikita ka ba”?

“Sari-sari store, Kumikita ka ba?”,  is the first module of the e-learning course produced by Hapinoy, in partnership with Mastercard and as part of HapiSkwela, its training and mentoring program for sari-sari store owners.

Over the years, HapiSkwela has been conducting face-to-face trainings with and for sari-sari store owners in different parts of the country. This year, it finally brings its trainings online to reach more sari-sari store owners. With an internet connection and a gadget like a smartphone, learning can now happen anywhere and anytime.

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What can I find in this e-learning course?

As the title of the first module states, lectures on financial goals, sales, inventory, and expense monitoring are discussed. These may help sari-sari store owners assess whether they earn from their businesses or not.

“’Wag kukuhanin ang lahat ng kita, kailangan ay may certain percent lang na dapat kuhanin para ‘di malugi at ‘di magsara ang tindahan. ‘Wag laging luho lang,” shared Tita Beck, as she recalled the lessons that she has learned from the online course.

(“There should only be a certain percentage that you should get from the sales to prevent the bankruptcy of the store,“ shared Tita Beck, as she recalled the lessons that she has learned from the online course.)

Within the Facebook group, sari-sari store owners can learn together through video series and online discussions. They are also encouraged to participate in activities such as sharing their aspirations and their opinions on certain business concerns. In the absence of a teacher, an online moderator facilitates the learning by virtually discussing the lessons and questions posted by the students. Truly, despite differences in distance and time, sari-sari store owners can share their experiences with one another through this e-learning course!

As a Hapinoy Negosyante who also participated in previous face-to-face trainings of HapiSkwela, Tita Belen finds the e-learning module convenient and easy to navigate. And by participating in the lessons and discussions within the Facebook group, she sees this as an opportunity to use her internet access in a more purposeful way.

How can I join the e-learning course?

To join Tita Beck, Tita Belen, and other sari-sari store owners in learning together and sharing experiences on business with one another, simply go to the Facebook group “Sari-sari Store, Kumikita ka ba?”. It only requires a Facebook account, a smartphone or any gadget, an internet connection, and an eager heart for learning and growing one’s business to be part of the HapiSkwela e-learning course!  

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