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Call for proposal

Name of the Project: Event organizing for PREMIUM Caravan 2019

Venue: Palo, Leyte

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Event Organizer is expected to undertake the following roles for the planned caravan.

Before the event:

Preparation and Management

  • Review program design and concept note and suggest improvements if necessary.

Caravan Venue Arrangements

  • Ensure availability and conduciveness of the venue for the event;

  • Secure availability and soundness of all required audiovisual equipment such as sounds and lights equipment and LED screen, among others;

  • Ensure service maintenance is available as required for all the equipment and facilities;

  • Design venue layout and stage according to the theme of the Caravan with essential props including, but not limited to, the Philippine National Flag and a podium;

  • Ensure security of the venue by hiring essential number of security personnel (including K-9 units) to man the venue and assist in case of emergency during the event;

  • Brief the executive committee and organizers and staff of the event on emergency protocol; and

  • Manage onsite coordination in liaison with the Program and the Logistics head of the Caravan

Communication and PR

  • In coordination with the Communication Head, conduct PR and media announcements and arrange publication of print and/or online articles with local and national media (before, during and after the event);

  • Invite and prepare media kits for at least five local media for event coverage; and

  • Be responsible in proofreading and printing of all collaterals to be used during the event:

o   Invitations and programs

o   Media kits and souvenir, if any

o   Nametags and lanyards

o   Signage and event markers

o   Tarpaulin and posters

o   Others to be specified

Other general logistical arrangement and event management

  • Arrange and manage VIP transport and security in close coordination with the Executive Committee;

  • Provide list of potential transportation suppliers of participants and negotiate with these suppliers in liaison with Logistics Head;

  • Provide list of potential food suppliers, assist caterers/food suppliers in the distribution of meals and negotiate with these suppliers in liaison with Logistics Head;

  • Rent tables, chairs, booths/tent for the event; and

  • Hire and/or contract suppliers and additional manpower for crowd control needed.

During the event:

Caravan Venue Arrangements

  • Assist suppliers and distributors in setting up booths;

  • Handle crowd control and management in coordination with Field Operations Manager & Field team;

  • Assist in arranging and managing the onsite registration of the participants during the event; and

  • Support the preparation, production and distribution of materials that will be used during the event.

Communication and PR

  • Media Registration and distribution of Media Kits;

  • Prepare for a mini Press Conference in the holding area prior to the Program;

  • Assist and manage media during the event; and

  • Assist Communications Head in manning the technical booth for audio and audiovisual presentations.

After the event:

  • Assist the suppliers and the Finance Committee in settling payments;

  • Ensure proper pull out of rented equipment and services from the venue; Arrange publication of stories in print, radio, local tv network and online media platforms; and

  • Provide report on and/or evaluation of the program one week after the event.

Expected Qualifications of the Supplier

  • Has an established business providing excellent service of the expected outputs;

  • Has extensive experience in event organizing;

  • Could provide official receipts for payments; and

  • Has the capacity to provide the reports needed by the team timely, completely and accurately.


Please send the following on or before Wednesday, 10 October 2018 to Ms. Sheryl Dalmacio via email (

  • Company or business profile;

  • Recent sample works or digital portfolio;

  • Proposed plan of work and timeline; and

  • Completed cost proposal template.

Bizmo Field Staff

Roles and responsibilities:

Agent Recruitment and Mapping

  • Conduct mapping of target areas

  • Look and conduct Business Opportunity Meetings for potential Hapinoy Bizmo Agent

Collection and Remittance of Fee’s

  • Collection and Remittance of Initial Wallet Balance for 30 day trial and other necessary fee’s


  • Ensure completion of all requirements prior submission to Head Office operations

  • Inform Hapinoy Bizmo Agent on the details of approval

  • Initiate Kasunduan signing and mobile phone releasing

  • Conduct training for Agent on-boarding

Customer Management

  • Answer all queries regarding the program prior activation

  • Conduct monitoring of all assigned Hapinoy Bizmo Agent, when requested

  • Conduct investigation on Hapinoy Bizmo Agent, when needed

Report Generation

  • Submit daily approaches of stores using required reporting format

  • Submit weekly performances showing actual vs. target

  • Submit reports as required



**Preferably with motorcycle. 

hapiskwela officer

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Conducts scorecard survey interview to gather data of potential participants; and

  • Conducts project orientation for interested micro-entrepreneurs.

Module Implementation and Community Engagement

  • Ensures venue is properly set-up before workshop proper;

  • Conducts or assists in workshop on specific subjects and skills depending on need and requirement of assigned project;

  • Conducts or assists in field visits to facilitate discussion and activities among small groups called business cells;

  • Gathers pertinent information from participants related to topic discussed; and

  • Submits relevant report or feedback on implementation regularly.

Administrative Work

  • Coordinates with participants via call and SMS regularly;

  • Liaises with venue and/or service providers for workshop diligently;

  • Encodes participants’ data on attendance and performance accurately in a timely manner; and

  • Prepares materials needed for workshops and visits in a timely and efficient manner


  • Graduate of any Bachelor’s Degree preferably in any Social Science or Business-related course

  • Fluent in conversational Filipino

  • Passionate about community or micro-enterprise development

  • Previous experience in community training, workshop and engagement is highly preferred

  • Working knowledge of and willing to be taught in business management specifically cashflow management

  • Willing and able to conduct field visits in several areas within Metro Manila

  • Can multi-task well

  • Can handle fast-paced projects

  • Can work effectively in a team

  • Computer literate

  • Able to conduct survey via Android phones

  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Applications specifically Powerpoint and Excel

  • Knowledgeable in Google Applications specifically Docs and Sheets

admin assistant for hapishop

This role is responsible in providing customer support to the agents and assistance to the program. It includes answering queries, troubleshooting problems and other related concerns that might arise. The position also performs variety of administrative, analytical and technical duties to support the project team.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide general administrative support to projects under the direction of project team

  • Process the HapiShop orders and applications, crediting of commission and incentives

  • Monitor collections of customers

  • Provide and analyze reports of online sales

  • Keep current knowledge of online trends

  • Create and maintain an online awareness.

  • Responsible for all online e-commerce related activities.

  • Handle and manage customer service hotline even during weekends and holidays

  • Answer queries and resolve problems of the agents and customers related to the program

  • Maintain a high-quality service and good communication etiquette to agents and customers

  • Do call outs to agents and customers as required by research and operations

  • File and maintain all forms related to Hapinoy BizMo

  • Prepare month-end reports required by the program

  • Other administrative tasks required by the project



Admin Assistant for Project

This role is responsible in providing customer support to the agents and facilitate wallet requests. It includes answering queries, troubleshooting problems and other related concerns that might arise along with the fulfillment of cash, wallet rebalancing and LAP requests. The position also performs variety of administrative and clerical tasks to support the project

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • -Provide general administrative support to projects under the direction of project team

  • -Process cash, wallet and other rebalancing requests

  • -Disburse and collect liquidity assistance program

  • -Handle and manage customer service hotline

  • -Answer queries and resolve problems of the agents related to the program

  • -Maintain a high-quality service and good communication etiquette to agents and customers

  • -Call outs to agents and customers as required by research and operations

  • -Preparations of month end reports required by the program

  • -Other administrative tasks required by the project


Capture 2.jpg

Product Officer (Asst. Manager Level)

This role is responsible in handling and managing m-commerce project under the program ensuring its success. The responsibility covers research, marketing, technical requirements and implementing of back-office processes.

Roles and Responsibilities:
·Maintain/lead m-commerce implementation and other projects as assigned by Product Manager or Product Team
·Set and implement product protocols for continuous improvement of the product
·Monitor day-to-day activities of the product implementation
·Lead technical infrastructure development of the product
·Spearhead efforts on front-end and back-end technologies
·Provide business analysis of the product in relation to its technical requirements
·Liaise and coordinate with partners, suppliers and vendors
·Gather data related to market research required by the project
·Assist in marketing and advertising efforts for program/project
·Aid operations related to agent network management
·Track project deliverable and activities
·Organize and maintain project files and databases
·Provide general support to projects under the direction of project team

·College graduate of business or management course
·At least 2 years on product development and/or project management. Experience on m-commerce field is an advantage.

Required Skills:
·Communication – seeks and shares information, ideas and thoughts with clarity and in a logical manner; listens and responds to others effectively.
·Customer Focus – understands and responds to customer need; builds and maintains rapport with clients; communicates actively with the customer.
·Problem Solving – grasps new concepts and information; understands and interprets facts and figures related to daily work; provides solutions to simple day to day problems
·Self-management Skill – manages and organizes work to meet commitments and deadlines (often under pressure) aligned with the expected standards of quality and productivity.