Our Story


Sari-sari stores are small neighborhood retail shops started and run by mostly women microentrepreneurs (or nanays) from their homes. Quite often, these microentrepreneurs engage in this micro-business in order to augment their family’s income.

With more than one million sari-sari stores all around the Philippines, this network has become a major part of the Filipinos' way of life. It is no wonder then that the humble sari-sari store stands for many things: an extended pantry supplying the community’s daily needs, a representation of an average Filipino’s means of living, a colorful cultural icon, a massive distribution channel, and a lot more. 

For Hapinoy, sari-sari stores serve as a huge opportunity – both as a business for the nanay, and as a way to bring products and services to the communities that affect the lives of many Filipinos. 

When Hapinoy started in 2007, it envisioned an uplifted lives of these nanays to be more effective microentrepreneurs, with the goal of eventually harnessing the store network to provide communities access to high impact products and services. Since inception, Hapinoy has partnered with and trained over 14,000 amazing microentrepreneurs, whom we affectionately call Hapinoy Negosyantes. With new-found confidence and strengthened zeal, our Hapinoy Negosyantes are now better equipped to face the challenges of running and growing their stores while providing more for their families and communities. 

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Our Mission

We exist to create opportunities for sari-sari store owners to learn, to grow, and to provide for the changing needs of the community.

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Our Vision

We envision an active network of microentrepreneurs contributing to the socio-economic growth of their families, their communities, and their country.

Tuloy-tuloy ang asenso, sama-samang lumalago.

What We Do

We empower Hapinoy Negosyantes by providing them with resources that would help them to successfully run and grow their businesses, bringing impact to their families and communities. 

A.      Education

We develop and deploy business management and personal development trainings, which provide them tools and skills necessary to better operate their businesses.

B.      Linkages to Capital

We partner with microfinance institutions to provide access to additional capital to grow their businesses.

C.      New Business Opportunities

We help Hapinoy Negosyantes expand and level up through new business opportunities that bring added products and services for their communities.

D.      Technology Enablement

We better equip them with basic skills training on digital technology that enables them to level up with the changing times. We also provide opportunities to use smartphones in expanding their businesses through Hapinoy BizMo. 

E.       Samahang Hapinoy

We create a network of Hapinoy Negosyantes through business cells, which serve as a peer learning and support group of every microentrepreneur. Samahang Hapinoy also embodies our slogan "Ang maliliit, kapag pinagsama-sama, may kapangyarihang gumawa ng pagbabago".